5 Amazing Green Coffee Health Facts You Didn’t Know

Green coffee simply refers to coffee beans that has not been roasted. Roasting of coffee beans although improves the taste but reduces the health benefits of coffee. Unroasted coffee beans contain a high level of chlorogenic acid which is related to a number of health benefits such as heart disease and diabetes prevention, weight loss boost and many others. Here’s a list of the different ways you can improve your health with green coffee.

Blood and heart benefits

Chlorogenic acid composition of green coffee helps a lot in regulation of the blood sugar level in the body and regulation of blood pressure. This in turn helps to keep heart related diseases at bay, since the heart is the pumping center of blood to all parts of the body. Any benefits to the blood pressure level certainly will benefit the heart as well. Regular consumption of unroasted coffee has also been proven to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic persons even without medication. It is therefore an efficient way of reducing the cost of managing diabetes. Apart from managing diabetes, raw coffee beans will also reduce your costs of managing heart related conditions such as cardiac arrests.Green coffee

Weight loss

Green coffee has a high content of antioxidants which enhance the general body metabolism which is necessary for loss of weight. Antioxidants simply prevent oxidation of food molecules hence inhibiting the production of free radicals into the body. Antioxidants present in green coffee helps in prevention of altitude sickness, cancer, coronary diseases and many more.

Metabolism boost

The pure extracts from green coffee have the capacity to improve the general body metabolism. Enhancement of metabolic rate activities in the body is boosted by chlorogenic acid which improves the rate of burning excessive adipose tissues and fats. Metabolism activity enhancement also regulates or controls the means by which glucose is absorbed into the blood stream, hence reducing the conversion of excessive sugars into fats for storage into the body. Kelp composition in raw coffee beans is also a rich source of vitamins.

Concentration level improvement

It has also been proven that those who consume green coffee have improved brain activities which enhance their concentration. Increased level of attention span increases the memory power of the brain, empowering an individual to recollect and recall most of the past events, dates and objects with much more ease. It also improves a person’s learning potentials and analytic skills. It is therefore a great tool for students to enhance their performance by keeping good memories of past lessons.


Detoxification is simply removal of underlying wastes in the body by the liver. Liver plays a great role in elimination of fats, toxic acids, chemicals and cholesterol. Green coffee extracts cleanses the liver and gives it more capabilities to carry out its function effectively.

Certainly the benefits of green coffee are more than you can ever imagine. You only need to incorporate it into your daily diet so you can witness the amazing benefits.